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Welcome to The College of Sonship International, where spiritual enlightenment and personal growth converge. Our esteemed institution, located in the vibrant city of Kingman, invites you to embark on a remarkable journey of transformation. With a ...

Teaching the Relevance of Christ in a Modern Generation

Embark on an extraordinary journey of personal and spiritual transformation at The College of Sonship International. Discover the remarkable possibilities that await you, as we invite you to witness the profound impact a few years in our esteemed ...



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Welcome to an Amazing Journey

Student Life

With over 1,500 locations world wide, we are able to virtually teach, train, educate and instruct students anywhere in the world and in the following locations physically. List includes but not limited to:

Our US Locations:

​We are in all 50 states except Vermont and West Virginia. Our virtual solution allows us go anywhere in the world, but these are the US and Global locations where offices/partners are! We are able to be physically in these listed areas.

Major & Minor

COS has chosen to focus on two fields of study: education and  We feel that two of the true missing elements of modern humanity are spirituality without religiosity and economics without earned wage systems.  It is evident that spirituality is the key to unity on Earth, and entrepreneurial economics is the key to true wealth development and financial success.


As COS alumni you will have access to our programs and platforms that are reserved for the mature spiritual and economical mindset.  These platforms are to advance you both spiritually and economically!  Our dispensation is very unique and delicately balanced.  Teaching the right and left hands of wisdom and understanding, COS has recognized the timeliness of this dispensation as both spiritual and economical!  Jesus has perfected forever those that are truly sanctified and is now appearing a second time just as the word has so powerfully declared.  Join us today in this exciting cutting-edge dispensation and mandate!

Our Live Events

Our lives and events at COS International are deigned to work in tandem with your growth and profitability in spirit and nature.  These events are factored and written into our curriculum, offering compliance with results.  All too often, programs and platforms can become superfluous and unrealistic in their approach to human interface and daily application.  At COS, we have taken this into account and designed unique events to benefit our students and alumni for a lifetime!  During your journey with us, you will experience what these events have to offer in their entirety!


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