About Us

Redefining Ministry and Empowering Humanity

True ministry and service have come to a modern-day crossroad. As many continue with church as usual, some are hearing a unique sound of change and ascension. This sound is getting louder and louder as we move towards and deeper into the new millennium. Being well into this time leads us to a more exciting and spiritually congruent foundation. That foundation is Jesus Christ, whose ways are beyond and beyond finding out!
The College of Sonship was launched on the Island of Oahu in the beautiful 50th State of Hawaii in December 1998. After three decades of observation, our college was birthed because of two very apparent reasons. First, teaching humanity to interface with the immortal, incorruptible, eternal, and everlasting God more practically and without religiosity. Second, to also teach and promote the awareness of the missing “left hand” of economics among society and humanity as well. Birthed totally as an apostolic mission has called for extensive research and defining the foundation of such a unique program and platform. Therefore, the mission is to produce results and not more theory and theological questions and philosophical arguments!
Another unique concept of our program are the degree concentrations. Defining the “Law of The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus” has been quite the interesting and exciting journey. Over the last 25 years, this task has opened such spiritual breakthrough that we are excited to share this gift and joy with humanity both nationally and globally. With all humility and true servitude, we present to you a totally “FREE” spiritual educational institution of learning that is manifesting itself day by day. ​
The College of Sonship International is educationally accountable to The Association of Christian Educators and Administrators (ACEA).